Become HPE Sales Certified: General Overview of HPE2-E55 Exam

This PrepAway overview is dedicated to one of the most famous Hewlett Packard Enterprise certifications – HPE Sales Certified – Introduction to Selling Products, Solutions, and Services. This is a prestigious certification that can be obtained through the passing of HPE2-E55 exam. This is a test which is an introduction to selling HPE products, solutions, and services. HPE2-E55 exam is often taken by sales professionals who either work with HPE or HPE partners as it leads to one of the 45 sought-after certifications offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

To learn more about HPE certifications, visit the official HPE website.

Achieving certification from a prestigious organization like HPE can prove to be highly beneficial for the professionals in this field. Of all the certifications, HPE Sales Certified – Introduction to Selling Products, Solutions, and Services credential is one that is best suited for sales professionals in this field.

Although HPE Sales Certified – Introduction to Selling Products, Solutions, and Servicescertification retires soon and will be replaced by the 2019 version (with HPE2-E71 exam), we want to disclose some important details the candidates need to know to get certified.

You can learn about certification that will replace the current on the official HPE website.

Now, let’s go through the PrepAway overview and see the specifics of the certification.

Certification details

In order to get certified, you need to pass the HPE2-E55 certification exam. Though this is a foundational credential exam, it can help a person gain proper knowledge about selling HPE products, identifying sales opportunities as well as recommending products and services as per the customer requirement.

In other words, obtaining this certification can help an individual jump-start his or her career. Whether a person is an HPE employee or an HPE partner sales professional, he or she can take this exam to advance further in the career. There are numerous people across the globe who take this HPE exam to gain theoretical and practical knowledge about selling various HPE products, solutions, and services to potential buyers.

Here we have rounded up some of the important facts about HPE2-E55 certification exam.

HPE2-E55 exam

In total, there are 50 questions asked in the exam. These questions come with multiple choices and responses. There are a lot of scenario-based questions as well that can demonstrate the practical sales and HPE products and services knowledge of a candidate.

While maximum questions are entry-level, it is essential to be well updated with the latest technology trends to be able to give relevant and accurate answers to the questions. The queries will target different types of customers; some will be intended for small-sized customers while others may target the purchasing decisions of medium-sized customers.

The candidates need to be well-versed with the different products, services and storage solutions offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. As there are many questions that test the foundational knowledge of the organization.

In addition, individuals who take this exam need to have proper knowledge about the various ways in which they can identify the buying needs of the potential customer and make a relevant recommendation

Lastly, it is crucial for candidates to be well aware of the functions and features of numerous HPE products. As plenty of questions in the exam revolve around the ability of a sales professional to demonstrate the products and services of HPE to interested buyers.

Exam details

HPE2-E55 is an online exam. Candidates who register for this certification exam have the freedom to access the exam administration anytime they want. Whether you need to register, make the payment or cancel the registration, you need to do everything online.

The time duration for this web-based exam is one hour and thirty minutes. The exam is strictly timed. That is why it is crucial for candidates to practice how to answer the questions in the given time.

The candidates can pick their delivery languages from a list of seven languages which include English, German, French and many more. And, in order to clear this certification exam, a candidate needs to score 70% or more. The candidates who end up scoring less than 70% or simply want to improve their score can retake this exam after seven days.

A majority of HPE exams such as performance-based exams and proctored exams have a wait time of 14 days for a retake, however, an individual who needs to retake the online-based HPE2 exam can do so after waiting for just seven days.


The HPE2-E55 certification exam is ideal for individuals such as HPE employees and channel partner sales professionals who wish to upgrade their credentials. By successfully competing in this exam, they will be able to describe, recommend as well as demonstrate a wide array of entry-level HPE products, services, and solutions to the interested customers.

Achieving this test certification prove to be of great significance to the professionals who want to move forward in this line of work, gain foundational knowledge and, most importantly, earn a higher income.

Registration requirements

An individual who wants to take this certification exam should have an HPE learner Id and must be registered with Pearson VUE. To obtain HPE learner Id, a candidate will have to go to ‘The Learning Center’ on the official HPE website.

Useful tips from PrepAway

There are plenty of HPE2-E55 exam dumps and training courses available online. Interested candidates should carefully go through all the training material to gain proper knowledge about the type of questions asked in this certification exam. During practice, candidates should time themselves, as these exams last for just an hour and a half.

The training materials are available in printable forms and are often updated as per the questions asked in the latest exams. It is imperative to practice well to be able to clear this exam at the very first attempt. Thoroughly review the sources available and practice the previous exam questions to get a hang of the quality of questions asked and the accuracy of answers expected for high scores.

On the official HPE website, interested candidates get access to the recommended training material. This training is a must as it will give you an insight into the exam. Though it is not mandatory to take this training, it is highly recommended as they can help you in successfully finishing and getting great scores.

In conclusion

HP HPE-E55 certification exam can help a sales professional learn not just about the foundational information about selling HPE products and services but also open the door to new opportunities. There are numerous sales job profiles that require HPE certification. We hope that this material from PrepAway can help you to decide on certification. Good luck!

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